Energy costs can drain your company faster than the speed of the electricity needed to power it. Don’t expose your budget to the volatility of a changing energy market! Rely on a trusted expert who will work on your behalf to reduce your costs and remove risk.

BKE Energy is a licensed, supplier-independent energy agent, broker and consultant. We work with our clients to help them manage their energy budgets and maximize savings. Independence is important because when it comes to sourcing the best deal on electricity or natural gas, our customers – not the suppliers – will always come first.

Sorting through a maze of audits, analyses, suppliers and services can be a daunting task. BKE Energy helps simplify the process. We use a five-step process customized specifically for your organization that will result in a solution that supports your company’s overall cost structure and saves you money over the long term.

Learn more about our five-step consulting process and why BKE Energy is the best choice for your organization.

What is demand response?

 • Want to do something to offset your rising
    capacity charges

 • Gain greater visibility into your energy consumption

 • There have not been any ComEd events called during  
    “limited” summer periods

Commercial, institutional, industrial, and agricultural companies are getting paid for participating in demand response, a program that pays you for temporary reductions in your energy use if needed. Even if no events are called during the summer you receive payments just for being on standby.

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