BKE Energy is time-tested


BKE Energy is licensed in the State of Illinois to act on behalf of its clients as an agent, broker and consultant. We have more than 30 years of experience in electrical utility auditing, corporate real estate engineering, general contracting, and operational support for manufacturing sites, commercial and industrial real estate, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. We’ve lent our expertise to dozens of high level utility projects in the City of Chicago, including a large-scale chiller optimization project in the Willis Tower, among others.


BKE Energy understands that a good broker looks for more than just the best price. Value-added features from suppliers, like customer support and online energy management tracking, are equally important. Our clients trust BKE Energy to work on their behalf and we’ve rewarded them time and again with great service and excellent results.

BKE Energy understands operations


BKE Energy knows it takes more than supplier relationships to develop a great hedging strategy for your company. By carefully analyzing the unique operational complexities of your business and understanding how your energy costs can fluctuate, BKE Energy will ensure you have the flexibility you need when business or energy market conditions change.


“One of the biggest mistakes a broker can make for a typical commercial office building is to hedge a blended fixed price cost for all 24 hours per day. This approach handcuffs the operations department and eliminates the possibility to shed peak load hours to off-peak. The ability to implement a chiller optimization program is a perfect example. This move can save tens of thousands of dollars per year, but not if you get a blended fixed price for all peak and off peak hours combined. Testing of fire pump equipment is another good example of shedding loads to off peak. The kicker is that it doesn’t add any cost to the pricing!”

- John Lyons, President, BKE Energy

BKE Energy is trustworthy and honest


Our clients are our priority. Because we broker deals with multiple suppliers, we are beholden to none of them. We’re here to secure the best deal possible for you and have only your company’s best interest in mind. It’s one of the reasons our customers have referred new business to us again and again.


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