Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why should I leave my utility that I have felt comfort with for years?

A. The truth of the matter is that you are not leaving your utility; they will still be serving the delivery of your power, which includes transmission, transformation, metering and handling outages. What you will be doing is purchasing your power from a different company. This gives the customer the choice on managing the risk and cost that he wants to pay for his energy. The utility does not give you that choice.


Q. What does it cost me to use the services of BKE Energy?

A. When it comes to brokerage services, we are compensated by the suppliers and thus no cost to you. The commissions are universally the same across the suppliers thus we are beholden to no one supplier but only to our client! We offer a number of other consulting services that can be quoted on a case by case basis.


Q. Will I save money if I switch to an Alternative Electric Retail Supplier (ARES) verses the utility?

A. We have never seen an instance when the answer wasn’t yes!


Q. Is there other important reasons why someone should switch to an ARES from a utility?

A. Absolutely! Price is a primary reason but not the only reason you would want to switch to an ARES. Price is a function of the level of risk management you want to tolerate. You cannot adjust your risk management with a utility, you can with an ARES! BKE Energy can steer you through the different risk management options that best fit your goals.



Q. If I switch to an ARES will I be getting two bills every month, one from the utility and one from the ARES?

A. Typically you get only one bill from the ARES. Generally the utility supplies the ARES with their delivery charges and the ARES will include the utilities charges as a separate line item on the ARES bill.


Q. Why did the utility change my account to an hourly cost structure from my fixed rate cost without even asking me?

A. It is amazing how many people this has happened to over the last several years. Most people still don’t even know it today that they are on an hourly cost structure. The most common reason for this is that the utility company has declared that your delivery class a competitive market. Once this happens they are no longer offer you a fixed cost bundled rate, you are put on a local market index price known as hourly. This is the MOST volatile and riskiest rate known to man.


Q. How do I get off this volatile and risky hourly rate and get the maximum savings and budget certainty that I want and need?

A. Call BKE Energy today and we will take you through our five step program!

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